Off-Shoulder: We Live Without A Shoulder Neckline

                                                                                                                        photo by frozen post

At La Dinni Magazine we are aware that this year is already very advanced, but the summer season in this part of the gulf coast just entered and is accompanied by new trends, whether we want it or not, we will end up loving this Summer style. The trendy garments are not only given because the influential people wear them, but also because it universally favorable at a point in time and end up with all kinds of bodies, styles and outfits.  

As soon as the first warm sunbeams on our skin tickle us, we counter and show the cold shoulder! We are in love with strapless blouses, dresses, jumpsuits and tops. The off-shoulder neckline, also known as the Carmen neckline, is cut straight and looks like it happened to slip over your shoulder – seductive and sweet at the same time. He lets his gaze wander over the collarbone, the shoulders and the neck and is especially irresistible with messy Beach-Hair!



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